Welcome to Edgewood Fitness for Women

More than just fitness! At Edgewood Fitness we are committed to helping women keep fit bodies, minds, and spirits. We provide a supportive environment for women interested in building a healthy body and a healthy community. We offer classes that are totally free from judgment and, above all, an opportunity to support each other while reaching goals. Our ultimate goal is to help you reach yours.

Tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel on an elliptical at a corporate gym? If you’re bored, chances are, you aren’t pushing yourself and if you’re not pushing yourself, you will never see results! Located in the Edgewood Section of Cranston,   Edgewood Fitness for Women offers women a place to get healthy and fit in small and playful, yet challenging, classes. The sense of community will motivate you to keep coming back and keep pushing your body to it’s edge! More akin to personal training than group fitness, you will find personal attention and team spirit that is uncommon in large, corporate gyms. Keep it local, while keeping fit!