What’s different about Edgewood Fitness? 

We encourage you to focus on your body as functional, not ornamental. Get strong and fit and the rest will follow. A single-minded focus on the scale or how our bodies look is self-defeating and will rarely bring long-term results.We are interested in how many sit-ups and pushups you can do or how much you improve your running times or how your form is at barre. In a weight obsessed society it's hard not to focus on your perceived flaws, but we want to offer a sanctuary from that as we make you stronger and healthier than you've ever been. 

A female-centered gym tends to allow women to feel freer, more confident, and playful in their fitness. We also find support from other women who struggle with similar weight issues, emotional eating, body image, balancing the needs of our children with our own, etc. 

Fitness philosophies:

We practice functional fitness.  Our bodies are useful to us in the ways we put them to work daily.  Small muscle isolation and machines that correct our form are not going to help our bodies become strong in the ways we use them in our real lives.  We need to focus on core strength and stabilization as well as functional movements that are more akin to how we move in our daily lives.

The most effective way to keep clients motivated is to keep workouts fresh, fun, and challenging.  In boot camps, strengthen and tone classes, and cross training, we use short intervals of intense activity that are ever-changing. Sometimes we play games, roll dice, do relays, just about anything to keep it fun. We also stay on top of fitness trends and have remained ahead of the curve bringing barre and Pound to our clients long before it was popularized.

Finally, we believe that individual attention is paramount to success! We will get to know each client individually and will be able to push her toward her individual fitness edge.  You won’t get lost in a crowd, coasting by at a pace that isn’t challenging.  At the same time you will find modifications for any and all fitness levels, individual medical issues, joint problems, etc.