Natalina Earls

Personal Trainer, Instructor (Boot Camp, TRX, Row and tone,  Kickboxing, Strengthen and Tone, Spin, Barre)

I am an Edgewood resident with a ten-year-old son, a five-year-old daughter and a passion for helping women feel great about themselves, their bodies, and the women around them who are struggling to do the same! 

In 1998 I began my career as a personal trainer in Southern California. I worked at a large corporate gym and while I found the time I spent with clients incredibly gratifying, I struggled with the corporate bureaucracy and the ways it interfered with moving clients toward a healthy body and a healthy body image. Ultimately this led me to other career choices. However, I remained committed to fitness in my personal life in areas such as weight training, yoga, kickboxing, running, and pilates. In addition, I continued to learn about and keep up on the latest fitness trends in my spare time.  

In 2011 I began taking small group training classes at a small local gym and fell in love with the concept of intimate groups working out together. Unlike large group fitness classes, this was just a small group of people participating in training collectively. I felt totally accountable to the group of women I came to know and love.  When I found out the gym would be closing its doors, one of the other clients and I decided to begin our own business and maintain the tradition of building a tight community around challenging workouts.  I got re-certified and picked up several new certifications in various areas. This was a huge leap of faith, as it required walking away from my PhD candidacy at Brown University and my teaching position at Stonehill College. Somehow though, it just felt right and I am a firm believer in the idea that the best turns in life are the unexpected ones! 

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer , Total Barre Certified through Stott Pilates, Spinning, Group Fitness, Kickboxing, Boot Camp, TRX training, First Aid and CPR

Olga Gervasi


Personal trainer, GROUP CYCLE, Barre, and Pound instructor

Olga has an extensive dance background, doing ballet in her home country of Kazakstan throughout her life.  She brings that knowledge of ballet movement and body lines to her intense, but light-hearted and accessible barre classes.  She also brings great energy and music to her Spin and Pound classes.  Olga’s personal fitness journey since the birth of her son is most impressive and contributes to her amazing ability to make newcomers feel supported, while challenging the most avid fitness enthusiast. 

Total Barre Certified through Stott Pilates, Spin Certified through Mad Dogg Athletics, and Pound Certified through Pound. The Rockout Workout.

Jenny mendoza

Barre instructor 

Jenny has many years behind her as a yoga, pilates, and barre instructor. She brings that experience to her rigorous barre class that incorporates these disciplines. She is known for fierce workouts delivered with a kind smile and sweet voice!

Jennifer Sheehan


Jenn offers a challenging class and a friendly style that makes her classes both challenging and accessible. She has an eclectic and powerful playlist that makes the class go by in a flash. Likewise, her Pound class is always high-energy and fun. 

Certifications: Spinning Certified through Mad Dogg Athletics, Pound Certified through Pound Fit

Selene Byron


A longtime fitness enthusiast and Edge Fitness client with a slew of obstacle races and road races behind her, she became a Pound Instructor after falling in love with the workout. Selene is a rockstar through and through (also the lead singer in a band) and when she is leading a Pound class and you will feel like a rockstar too!

Certifications: Pound Fit

Erin Corry